Charaka Samhita

The Most Ancient, Comprehensive And Authoritative Textbook Of Ayurveda

Charaka Samhita is reputed to be one of the most ancient, comprehensive and authoritative works of Ayurveda. CS is the original and reference book of holistic ayurvedic medicine.

There are hundreds of book available on ayurvedic medicine in Sanskrit but CS is considered as the book of internal medicine. Scores of wise ayurvedists have commented on CS but its universal and pragmatic appeal lures everybody.

We can also say that at present and perhaps for one to two years, Charaka Samhita would be the main subject of 

Introduction Of The Textbook Of Ayurveda's Holistic Medicine - Charaka Samhita:

  1. About The Authors Down The Ages: - Find the brief history of CS and how this masterpiece was originally produced and presented to later generation of ayurveda experts.
  2. Charaka Samhita As The Synonym of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.
  3. The Firstliner In Holistic And Scientific Approach In Medicine: whatever steps for holistic approach in medicine are being taken in present time, they are present in Charaka Samhita.
  4. What persons of modern time would be able to find in Charaka Samhita or rather in Ayurveda?
  5. What kind of therapies or systems of medicine are present in Charaka Samhita?
  6. How we are going to present CS and the layout plan of its chapters?

The Layout Plan Of Sections And Chapters Of Charaka Samhita:

  1. The Six Sections Of Charaka Samhita And 120 Chapters
  2. Sutra Section: The Introductory, Theoretical And Philosophical Foundation Of Ayurveda
  3. Nidana Section: The Section Of Diagnostics And Pathology
  4. Sharira Section: The Section Of Anatomy And Physiology
  5. Indriya Section: The Section Of Complications Of Disorders
  6. Chikitsa Section: The Section Of Ayurveda's Holistic Medicine
  7. Kalpa Section: The Section Of Panchakarma Formulations
  8. Sidhi Section: The Conclusive Section Of Panchakarma Therapy

Charaka Samhita - 'Sutra Section'

'Sutra' means threads or verses or keypoint in Sanskrit language. So Sutra section is the introductory, philosophical and theoretical foundation of ayurvedic medicine.

First Chapter: The Chapter Of Longevity:

  1. Chapter One: Longevity or happier and healthier and longer life - The tradition of ancient Ayurvedic Lineage.
  2. Chapter One: Longevity or happier and healthier and longer life - How did Ayurvedic wisdom spread by disciples of sages?
  3. Chapter One: Longevity or happier and healthier and longer life - Ayurveda definition and basic principles of Ayurveda.
  4. Chapter One: Longevity - Generalization and differentiation in Ayurvedic Medicine.
  5. Chapter One: Longevity - The Tripod Of Life, Body Mind And Consciouness Medicine and Nine matter in Ayurveda.
  6. Chapter One: Longevity - Definition Of Quality - 41 Qualities In Ayurvedic Medicine.
  7. Chapter One: Longevity - Inherent Power - Action And Inseparable Relationship Of Qualities With Matter.
  8. Chapter One: Longevity - Characteristics Of Matter, Quality And Action In Ayurveda.






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